George Floyd Digital Artwork For Sale

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  • Death of George Floyd immortalized in digital artwork
  • Piece has been created by Nigerian cryptoartist Osinachi
  • The piece is set to be Osinachi’s biggest grossing work on the SuperRare digital art platform

A piece of George Floyd art by Nigerian cryptoartist Osinachi is currently drawing attention on the SuperRare blockchain auction site. The work, which has a current bid of 8 ETH, highlights how artists are using the death of Floyd and blockchain technology as a visual outlet for their emotions.

George Floyd Art Blends Creativity With Blockchain

Politics very rarely makes its way into the cryptocurrency world, unless it’s to criticize the actions of global banks or discuss which governments are for or against crypto, but the George Floyd protests seem to have cut through the sometimes thin veneer of civility. Suddenly crypto Twitter is ablaze with commentary and opinion on what’s going on across the country, while others are choosing to illustrate their thoughts and emotions in more creative ways.

To this end, cryptoartist Osinachi has immortalized the death of George Floyd in a piece of digital art that recreates the incident that has sparked the violent protests and looting of the past few days:

George Floyd Art

Source: SuperRare

Of the George Floyd art piece, entitled I Can’t Breathe, Osinachi says:

This piece recollects that event (the death of Floyd), pointing out “I CAN’T BREATHE”, which Floyd repeated said [SIC] as the officer choked him with his knee.

SuperRare Making a Name for Itself

The piece has a current high bid of 8 ETH ($1,890), and the auction will run until the artist accepts an offer. Osinachi calls himself Africa’s foremost cryptoartist, and has some credentials to back up the claims – in 2018 he became the first ever Nigerian artist to showcase artworks at the Ethereal Summit in New York.

SuperRare itself has been serving art-loving crypto fans for over two years and made headlines earlier this year when a piece of art, EthGirl, broke the record for a digital artwork, selling for 72.1 ETH ($10,027 at the time). Osinachi has created 36 pieces for SuperRare, with the George Floyd art piece I Can’t Breathe set to be his highest grossing work.