Blockchain Domains Finally Go Live on Zilliqa

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Blockchain domains have the power to shake up the crypto world as we know it, making transactions far easier to complete. Back in June, Unstoppable Domains announced that it was ready to start releasing blockchain domains onto its testnet, giving potential users the chance to test them out and see how they work. Less than a month later, Unstoppable Domains has pushed its domains from the testnet to the Zilliqa mainnet, meaning anyone with one of these domains can now configure it and start accepting payments.

Making Use of Your Blockchain Domain

The domains were pushed over to the mainnet on Tuesday, meaning they’ve only been live for 1 day. There are multiple ways you can enjoy a blockchain domain, with some perks outstripping traditional domains. First up, you can link your crypto wallet address to your blockchain domain, meaning when requesting payments, you can simply send your blockchain domain rather than your lengthy wallet address. For example, you can send crypto to BitStarzNews.zil rather than 13eoBBN14YYXsfSCR6y5unKDbjqqZsTput – isn’t that much easier?

Secondly, you can point your website to your brand new blockchain domain, meaning your website will be live on the Zilliqa blockchain network as well as the clear web. This will make it easier for companies that have censorship issues to remain operating online. However, certain categories of websites will have their domains repossessed and burnt – meaning nobody can ever use it again. For now, anything that’s related to child exploitation will be removed, but Unstoppable Domains is looking at including a number of other types of websites.

A Few Restrictions… For Now

For now, it appears as if there are still a handful of restrictions on these specific blockchain domains. Currently, only Moonlet supports sending to .zil domains, meaning if you want to start receiving blockchain domain payments, the sender will need a Moonlet wallet. This might be a little frustrating for users at first, but over time more wallets will begin to support blockchain domains – so be patient.

Trademarks and contested domains will have to wait until October 15th for their domains to go live, with the extra time being used to independently verify each trademark claim. The second domain auction will start on August 22nd, meaning the last few domains set up for auctioning will be available for purchase then. This new era of blockchain domains will shake up the power that existing domain hosts have over the internet. Unstoppable Domains is once again putting the power back in the hands of consumers rather than giant corporations – something Satoshi Nakamoto would be proud of.

For Zilliqa hodlers, if these blockchain domains takeoff and become popular, we could see a huge spike in the price of the ZIL token and activity on the network.