ETH, ZIL, and NEO All Set for Bumper Gains as Alt Season Kicks In

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Crypto markets have been going wild over the past few months, led by Bitcoin on a mission to reach a new all-time high before the end of summer. As we look forward to the next few weeks, a few alts are standing out as brilliant buys thanks to their underbought prices and powerful projects. For this reason, we are going to look at Ethereum, Zilliqa and NEO – all of which look like they’re set for bumper gains.

Ethereum is About to Take Off

Ethereum (ETH) has been rising steadily over the past few weeks, growing and consolidating in a nice pattern. It’s trading in a nice range and is starting to break out. In the past, during bull markets we’ve seen ETH climb higher and faster than any of the other altcoins, making it a must-have token for your portfolio. It’s currently trading just shy of the $340 mark, and if the upwards trend continues we could see it break past $380 before the end of the weekend. Set up a stop loss around the $310 mark just in case we see another pullback and accumulation period, but we can’t see it sliding that low at the moment.

Zilliqa Severely Underbought

Zilliqa (ZIL) is one of those highly underrated tokens that’s got huge potential. Recently, Unstoppable Domains announced that it will be launching blockchain domains on the ZIL blockchain, and when the mainnet goes live early next month we will likely see a massive pump in token price. Currently, ZIL is in the midst of a massive downward spiral and is sinking below 150 sats – the perfect buy zone. We’re setting a goal of 410 sats in the coming weeks for ZIL, but be careful when trading BTC pairs. If BTC carries on performing well we could see ZIL sink lower against BTC. To play it safe, consider trading ZIL against the USD. There is potential for around 30% gains from its current price.

NEO Preparing for a Moonshot

NEO was one of the top performers back in the 2017 bull market and we’re expecting great things from NEO again this time around. On June 22nd, we saw NEO spike as high as 0.002150 sats, but it quickly fell back down to 0.001500 region. It’s this volatility that we’re looking to cash in on and there is more on the horizon. Bitcoin’s dominance is surging higher, but as soon as the Bitcoin action is over we will see alt season enter full swing. When it does, we’re likely to see NEO spike back up to the 0.002150 sat mark and push higher.

Alts are going to be a key part of your crypto portfolio for this next bull market, so make sure you’re stocking up while the prices are so low.