Bitwage Launches ETH Payroll Services

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Bitwage is on a mission to normalize crypto paychecks and has been giving employers the chance to pay their workers in crypto since 2014. Every day, Bitwage helps thousands of employers pay out million in Bitcoin, and now it has just added Ethereum (ETH) as a supported cryptocurrency for wage remittance. By offering wages in crypto, Bitwage is helping to close the crypto lifecycle. Rather than people needing to convert their paycheck into crypto on an exchange, they can now get crypto directly from work – could this be the beginning of mass adoption?

Let’s Get Paid in Crypto!

Sure, there are a lot of pros and cons of getting paid in crypto, but at the end of the day the benefits are much better. As long as you have the ability to pay for your daily needs and cover your bills using crypto, then it’s the perfect way to get paid. You avoid all bank fees, bank processing times, and you can avoid completing lengthy KYC processes.

It’s the Key to Mass Adoption

Back in October 2018, Francis Pouliot – Bylls CEO – pointed out that if people are getting paid in crypto then there is a real case for mass adoption becoming a real thing. Discussing stats from the Bylls app, consumers who received wages in Bitcoin were more likely to use it as a form of payment – whether it was for bills, services, goods and top-ups – rather than those who bought Bitcoin. Those who bought Bitcoin were more likely to use it as an investment. This means that by taking your wage – even partially – in crypto that you’re more likely to spread mass adoption – how cool is that!

Using Crypto is As Easy as Sending a Message

Thanks to brilliant extensions and bots like, you can now store and send crypto using WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram. If you’re getting paid in crypto, you can send it to your WhatsApp wallet and pay for your bills just as if you were sending a message to your mates – it’s as easy as that. Wallets and apps that are this simple are helping more people feel comfortable getting paid in crypto, and will continue to help spread mass adoption.

Bitwage is a gamechanger for employers and employees, allowing people to be paid in Bitcoin and Ethereum quickly and easily. It’s quick and easy for employers to sign up and create an account, so get your employer to try it out and join the leagues of people getting paid in crypto.