BitWage Lets Companies Pay Workers in Bitcoin

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For quite some time, there has been a gap in the Bitcoin lifecycle whereby after spending Bitcoin, you have to go out and buy more. This very much made Bitcoin feel like an investment rather than a digital currency and was a great hindrance to any form of mass adoption. BitWage is attempting to change that with its unique payroll and invoicing platform, which allows companies to pay their workers in Bitcoin.

Only Available in America… For Now

For those living in America, it’s time to start asking your employer to pay you – and your taxes – in Bitcoin. BitWage is currently only available in all 50 states – and Puerto Rico – and it’s still unclear as to when or even if it will roll out globally in the years to come. The move comes just weeks after Ohio passed a bill that allows companies to pay their taxes in Bitcoin. As the months roll on in 2019, we could see more companies like BitWage popping up, forcing the pricing of these services to become cheaper.

Full Suite of HR Tools

If you are sat there plotting ways to persuade your boss to adopt BitWage so you can score your monthly paycheck in Bitcoin, we have the holy grail of persuasive information for you. BitWage comes packed with an epic suite of HR tools and apps that will help streamline the HR department – all for a competitive price.

Wages Pushing Mass Adoption

In order for Bitcoin to thrive, it needs to pick a lane and stick to it. Whether its lane is digital currency or store of value, a decision on what it wants to be will be huge in cementing its future. To become a digital currency, people need to start getting paid in Bitcoin, completing the crypto lifecycle. If Bitcoin decides to go the other way and become a store of value, then we can safely say we are pretty much already there – especially with its infamous “digital gold” tag. Either way, Bitcoin needs to decide on what it wants to be in the eyes of the masses and stick with it.
Even though BitWage is currently only available in the US, it’s a huge move that could spur on a wave of development from HR and Payroll providers around the globe – after all, who wouldn’t want to get paid in Bitcoin? As a crypto trader you could finally cut out the need for crypto exchanges, and rely more on advanced NFC crypto wallets.