Make Bitcoin Payments in WhatsApp and Messenger with

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It’s said that crypto mass adoption will happen when giant services such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram begin to allow customers to buy, sell, trade, and hodl cryptos. We all know that WhatsApp is currently working on its own crypto wallet, but has pipped it to the post and has launched a bot that allows crypto users to live a crypto life from within a number of instant messaging apps.

Trading and Hodling Cryptos

As soon as we heard about, we were skeptical, and for the most part, our skepticism was unfounded. is a quick, simple and easy to use chat bot that allows users to interact with the crypto world. You can receive crypto from an external wallet and you can send crypto to an external wallet too. To top it off, you can send crypto to other people using the bot by inputting their mobile number or email address in the text box. It really is as simple as A-B-C in fact, it’s so easy to use, we reckon that even grandma could get her first Bitcoin and hodl it safely.

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A Little Clunky and Unclear

The team over at have put a lot of work and effort into creating this magical little bot, but it could still use some fine tuning. Currently, you control the bot by sending a number that correlates to a predefined question or task. For example, if you want to send crypto, you have to send “0” as a message, to which the bot will reply with another list of options. On top of this, when sending crypto the network fees involved aren’t very clear. Most other apps that let you send crypto inform you of the fees involved – even if it’s just network fees – but we fail to see this in

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Finally, when testing out the bot to send crypto, we were given responses that it wasn’t possible to send Bitcoin and that it failed. However, several minutes later it arrived in our other account. That being said, when we tested sending from another address, we were told that the amount was sent. This could be a small bug that impacted one of our devices.

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Nice Referal Program

A lot of crypto wallets out there have referral programs, so we were fully expecting to have one. In fact, for every member you refer – they don’t need to deposit – you can get around $0.10 as a reward – not bad for helping spread mass adoption. While it’s not a huge reward, it’s a little thank you from a brand-new app that’s trying to get Bitcoin into the world.

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A Selection of Cryptos

Bitcoin is the default cryptocurrency of, but there are others you can use. Simply select “Change Coin” – usually option one – and you can pick from BTC, ZTX, ETH, and LTC. Each of these will give you a new wallet and a new wallet address you can send tokens to. However, it’s important to remember the Proof of Keys movement’s chant – not your keys, not your crypto. That’s right, you don’t have access to the private keys for the wallet – meaning it’s technically not your crypto while it’s on the platform.

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A Pretty Useful and Cool App

There is a lot of ingenuity that has gone into creating this magical little bot, and we love it. It’s obviously still brand new and it could use some fine tuning, but for an initial release it’s pretty impressive. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up, and you can use it on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and SMS. It doesn’t appear to carry any fees other than network fees, and it makes for a great mobile wallet. Simply make a deposit to your address and head out to your favorite Bitcoin stores. It’s certainly better than a lot of mobile wallets out there that’s for sure.