Bitcoin Renegade John McAfee’s New Crypto Exchange Under Attack

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John McAfee launched a new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange today, but to his dismay, it was attacked by distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDOS) within hours. McAfee expressed his amusement on Twitter:

McAfee also referred to the attacks as “humorous.”

At press time, the site did not appear to be fully functional, unless it was intended to look like this:

McAfeedex Under Attack

Just hours after launch, John McAfee’s McAfeedex was hardly functioning, as depicted.

McAfee offered people to build their own “portal” to the decentralized exchange, from which they could earn a small amount of the commissions from what they drove to the platform.

The Future of Distributed Decentralized Exchanges

For a small fee of $395, you could have your own version of McAfeedex up and running, he said:

McAfee, one of crypto’s most colorful and wealthier boosters, is currently running a presidential campaign from exile.

The 70+ libertarian technologist believes strongly in the right to free speech, legalization of drugs, and deregulation of markets including the blockchain industry, which might benefit from having room to grow.

McAfee is a man of international mystery and frequently the target of speculation on crypto Twitter.

Once, he went dark for some days and rumors spread that he was in US custody.

In another episode, McAfee was in fact in the custody of the Dominican Republic.

McAfee spends a great deal of time at sea, on one of his several boats.

The techno bad boy gets in trouble from time to time, but in recent years has spent most of his efforts adjacent to cryptocurrency.

Earlier this year, he and his team released an Android app which rewarded BTC for correct trivia answers.

While McAfeedex may not be ready to roll at the outset, the exchange is a model of how things are likely to be done in the future. There will be fewer and fewer centralized access points, which are what exchanges behave as today.

Instead, there will be hubs, and virtually anybody can offer you access to these hubs. The hubs will have spokes, and from there will grow a mighty network of trade.

McAfee’s version of this idea might not take off. In that case, a company like Binance will likely build a product that does, along the same lines.