Coinbase Adds Dogecoin to Its Wallet’s List of Accepted Cryptos

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Dogecoin is everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency. Built on the back of the Doge meme, Dogecoin has gone on to win the hearts of some of the biggest crypto personalities. This time around, the plucky little altcoin has charmed the team over at Coinbase as the Coinbase wallet will now support Dogecoin – much wow! Android and iOS users around the world will get support for the cryptocurrency in the next update of the wallet which is slated to go live early next week. On the back of the news, Dogecoin is up by just under 2% – great news for Doge hodlers!

Coinbase Storing Private Keys in Your iCloud

Coinbase is pushing to become the most user-friendly crypto exchange out there and capture the western crypto trading markets by storm. However, in a bid to do so, Coinbase announced that it will store private keys in users iCloud or Google Drive accounts. While they will be secured using AES-256-GCM encryption and only made accessible by the Coinbase Wallet app, it wouldn’t be the first time these two cloud storage centers have been hacked. The infamous instance of iCloud hacking was the Fappening back in 2014. After that incident, people have been reluctant to store anything sensitive in the cloud.

Ramping Up Credential Protection

In a bid to keep accounts as safe as possible, Coinbase announced that it was securing its login boxes. It has deployed bcrypt on all of its login boxes, meaning that as soon as you hit a key in the sign in box, your username and password will be turned into a hash that cannot be cracked. This is then securely transmitted to Coinbase, where if it matched the hash linked to your account then you will be given access. Due to the fact the hash is created using parts of your username and password, it makes it incredibly hard to crack – virtually impossible, really.

Dogecoin Saving the People

To thank the people for their continued support, Jackson Palmer – the creator of Dogecoin – decided to create a script that will seek out irritating XRP fans on Twitter and block them for you. The script will help users to automatically block out the frustrating XRP keyboard warriors, leaving your timeline clean and clear for useful posts to appear – like the latest news from BitStarz News!

This is great news for Dogecoin fans as they now have another safe and secure wallet to hodl and trade their Doge from. Receiving support from Coinbase is usually a catalyst that sends prices soaring sky high. While we haven’t seen this happen yet, it’s likely not far away before the Doge army rolls in to town and pumps up the price!