DxSALE to Offer Airdrop for Hatch Exit Scam Victims

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  • DxSALE has promised an airdrop to victims of the recent Hatch DAO exit scam
  • Hatch DAO rug pulled when they minted and sold 2 million HATCH tokens on Friday night
  • DxSALE will airdrop their own SALE tokens to Hatch DAO victims via a dApp

DxSALE, a platform that supports and promotes secure decentralized token sales, has offered an airdrop to victims of the recent exit scam by Hatch DAO. Hatch DAO developers minted all the tokens in the smart contract late on Friday and sold out, performing what the community has come to call a ‘rug pull’, which has become something of an occupational hazard for Uniswap traders. DxSALE announced their airdrop of their own SALE tokens to HATCH victims shortly after the rug pull, with victims able to claim once the project has developed a dApp to manage the claims.

Hatch DAO Rug Pulls for $46,500

News of the Hatch DAO rug pull came late on Friday when the token was priced at around $1.80. Following what is becoming a tried and tested method, developers were able to mint the entire token supply of 2 million tokens and sold them for ETH on Uniswap, netting themselves nearly $46,500 and crashing the token price to just over $0.01 in the process:

Just hours after the exit scam was uncovered, DxSALE posted their airdrop offer on Twitter, emphasizing the damage that such events do to the crypto space and offering an airdrop of their own SALE tokens to holders of HATCH tokens at the time of the rug pull “in solidarity of the event”.

DxSALE Airdrop “Available Within a Week”

DxSALE continued that the claim will be available within a week pending the completion of a dApp, whereupon anyone holding HATCH tokens at the time of the exit scam will be entitled to a portion of SALE tokens. The project took a snapshot of all HATCH holders at time, and claimants will need to register the same wallet in order to claim the airdrop.

This generous gesture by DxSALE shows that there is some integrity left in the crypto space, and HATCH victims, much like Sushiswap victims, should count themselves incredibly lucky to be in the minority who have been offered a shot at financial redemption compared to the thousands of others who have just had to suck up their losses.