Bitcoin Beach is Giving People a Second Chance with Bitcoin

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Bitcoin Beach is helping a village in El Salvador get to grips with Bitcoin, powering the village’s payments
  • The villagers in Bitcoin Beach’s program make more transactions every year than the biggest icons in the Bitcoin world
  • Bitcoin Beach is helping those impacted by COVID by offering sats for students to carry on studying and paying villagers that lost jobs to due COVID for helping around the village

The crypto world is one of the most generous worlds on the planet, with communities coming together to help people in need whenever the call occurs. Today we’ve got a heartwarming story for you, showing the kind side of Bitcoin helping out those in need in El Salvador.

Bitcoin Beach is a real village in El Salvador that empowers people to use Bitcoin in the community, and rewards students for completing their coursework during these difficult COVID times – how kind is that!

Helping the Community Recover

COVID-19 has ravished the world, causing many people to lose their jobs and not be able to provide for their families. Bitcoin Beach has been using donations to give people that have lost their job a second chance. It put these people to work around the village, paying the, in Bitcoin for their work and efforts. This amazing kindness helps relieve the stress of losing your job due to COVID-19 – a fear, stress and anxiety that is plaguing people from all across the globe.

Encouraging Kids to Further Their Education

Kids are the future of the world, so it’s imperative that this virus doesn’t knock back a whole generation by at least a year. So, Bitcoin Beach is encouraging students to carry on studying and pay them in sats for attending sessions and turning in their coursework. By educating the next generation and showing them how well crypto works as a payment method, Bitcoin Beach is not only creating a well-educated generation, but it’s also showcasing just how impressive and versatile this new technology is.

The Average Villager Has Made More Bitcoin Transactions Than You!

If you think you’re a big Bitcoin user, then it’s time to think again. The villages participating in Bitcoin Beach’s program use Bitcoin to purchase everything in their daily lives. That equates to hundreds of thousands of transactions every year completed by villagers from Bitcoin Beach. During the COVID-19 lockdown, the local grocer packed up his shop into his van and drove around the village, selling more than 0.5BTC worth of products to those trapped at home. This proves that crypto has the potential to replace fiat currencies, removing the centralization and giving people back freedom and control over their finances.

If you want to help the people of Bitcoin Beach carry on spreading the good word about Bitcoin, then there is the option to donate to the movement via its Engiven account. This is an amazing opportunity to help an upcoming community that relies so heavily on Bitcoin and the generosity of the Bitcoin world.