Italian Red Cross Thanks Bitcoin Community for Donations

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The Italian Red Cross has praised the Bitcoin community for their donations which allowed it to set up a coronavirus treatment post in the country. The charity is on target to reach €35,000 ($38,200) in BTC donations in its attempts to set up pre-triage camps in one of the countries worst hit by the virus.

Red Cross President Expresses “Great Pleasure”

The organisation reached their first target of €10,000 in just three days last month thanks to Bitcoin donations, purchasing a second level Advanced Medical Post for pre-triage with the funds and establishing it Castel Gandolfo, south of Rome.


The fundraise received unprecedented exposure for the charity, who quickly sought to take advantage of it by announcing a fundraise for €25,000 in order to “complete the AMP structure with the accessories necessary for emergency operations”.

This second token raise is well on the way to completion, leading to praise for the Bitcoin community from the regional Italian Red Cross president Bruno Pietrosanti:

With great pleasure, we reached the first main milestone of our fundraising. We are happy to have turned the received donations into a tangible aid and we are excited to have received so much help from the Bitcoin community.

Bitcoin Donors Should be “Proud to be Part” of Initiative

Guido Baroncini Turricchia, CEO at Helperbit, the company who helped collect the BTC, added his thanks to the community for stepping up to help the fight:

The efforts of Helperbit, jointly with Bitcoin donors, are now saving lives and helping to protect first responders on the front line. Those people, that in the silence of their home donated to the project, must be proud to be part of this charitable initiative. Bitcoin confirmed to be a powerful tool, a technology that allows to deliver direct and fast international aid during calamities, increasing also the transparency level.

These projects represent just some of the ways in which the cryptocurrency community is helping the fight against the coronavirus, with communal vaccine research and other Red Cross organisations accepting Bitcoin in their attempts to end the crisis.