Binance Postpones Vietnam Blockchain Week Over Coronavirus

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Binance has opted to cancel its forthcoming Blockchain Week in Vietnam over fears regarding the coronavirus outbreak. In a message posted on the booking website, the exchange states that holding such an event during a “global public health emergency”, especially one whose epicenter is in Asia, would be “irresponsible” and has stated that alternative dates will be announced in due course.

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Postponement the Only Rational Option

Binance Blockchain Week Vietnam was originally scheduled for February 29 to March 4 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, but the eruption of the coronavirus, which emanated from Wuhan in east China and has seen over 20,000 people infected worldwide, has put paid to Binance’s plans.

Coronavirus is airborne, meaning that any collection of people increases the risk of passing on the infection immeasurably, and so hosting a gathering of hundreds of people near the source of the outbreak was always going to be a non starter:

At Binance, we prioritize everyone’s health and safety during our events, and amid this global public health emergency, we have committed to do the right thing and protect would-be attendees from health risks associated with public gatherings. Thus, we have to postpone this event. The alternative dates will be confirmed and updated once the epidemic is effectively controlled.

Binance Event Not the Only Casualty

Binance Blockchain Week is far from the only casualty of the outbreak event-wise – Design Shanghai and the Festival of Design have had to be called off, as have snooker’s China Open and the entire Chinese Super League soccer schedule. Outside of China, Paris has called off its Lunar New Year Parade, while in Australia the Shanghai Ballet performance has also been kicked to touch.

With the worst of the virus suspected to be yet to come, it is unlikely that these events will be going ahead any time soon, especially those hosted in China. Attendees should keep a lookout for further announcements from Binance regarding the new dates.