Audius Partners With TikTok for TikTok Sounds

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  • Blockchian’s top music streaming platform Audius has signed a deal with TikTok to share original music
  • TikTok Sounds will allow artists on Audius to share their tracks with one click
  • The AUDIO token jumped 148% on the news

Blockchain-powered music streaming service Audius has signed a record deal of its own – with video giant TikTok. TikTok users will now be able to share tracks from artists on Audius inside TikTok with just one tap or click, exposing the platform’s thousands of artists to TikTok’s one billion active monthly users. Audius is the first music streaming service to partner with TikTok which makes this an even more impressive deal, with the announcement coming five weeks after Rolling Stone magazine picked Audius as one of the ways in which blockchain would revolutionize music.

Audius and TikTok Collaborate on TikTok Sounds

The Audius/TikTok deal forms the backbone of a new service on the video sharing site, TikTok Sounds, a way for TikTok users to access original music quickly and easily. Rolling Stone broke the news yesterday with Audius posting on their Twitter account shortly afterwards.

TikTok Sounds will allow artists to take any song they have on the Audius platform and share it on TikTok as a TikTok Sound in just one click, massively streamlining what Forrest Browning, Audius’ co-founder and chief product officer, calls a “clunky” process.

The Day That Blockchain Arrived?

The deal is naturally a great opportunity for Audius, but it also shows just how far blockchain technology has come. This author has long maintained that blockchain won’t have truly ‘arrived’ until people are using it without realising it rather than going out of their way to use it, and this is just what the Audius/TikTok deal provides. It also provided AUDIO tokenholders with a nice boost to their wallets as the token jumped 148% on the news.