Microsoft Seeks to Reward ‘Azure Heroes’ with NFTs

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Microsoft has confirmed the launch of Azure Blockchain Tokens that BitStarz News first reported a month ago, as well as launching Azure Heroes, a rewards system featuring non-fungible tokens (NFT) that will reward blockchain developers. The move represents a big step towards blockchain adoption for the computing giant, as well as further promoting the NFT ecosystem that has bloomed in recent weeks.

TB or Not TB an Azure Hero, That is the Question

The Azure Blockchain Tokens platform sits on Microsoft’s award-winning Azure cloud platform and has the chance to revolutionize blockchain adoption among businesses, with a number of products already being used by a number of organizations. It will allow enterprises to create their own tokens using existing popular templates or Token Taxonomy Initiative (TTI) standards and open Microsoft APIs, while the implementation of Azure Heroes gives it a friendly face. The use of NFTs as a reward marks another avenue for the standard, following recent applications by Formula 1 and VeChain, and Gemini snapping up Nifty Gateway, an NFT exchange.


Blockchain Badgers on Your Ledger

Microsoft announced the Azure Heroes rewards program last week, which features some cute blockchain badgers that can be won by “technical practitioners of all backgrounds and in every organisation” if certain criteria are met:

Azure Heroes aims to reward individuals for verifiable acts of impact such as coaching, creating demos, building sample code, blogging about Azure or completing certain challenges. Community members that have demonstrated their contributions will be recognised with badges across a number of categories.

The Azure Heroes are a result of Microsoft’s recent tie in with Enjin, an announcement that sent the token spiking 60% on Wednesday. Microsoft announced that each blockchain badger will be minted in provably limited quantities and recorded on a public blockchain, with some more difficult to earn than others. Badgers can be kept in an Enjin wallet or can be sent to an Ethereum address if preferred, allowing holders to keep them on a variety of hardware or software wallets.