#connect2evolve Brings Decentralized Solar Power to Senegal

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Siemens is teaming up with security token issuer SWARM to bring electricity to a Senegalese village through decentralized solar power. The project, called #connect2evolve, uses existing mobile solar technology with blockchain technology to replace the power generated by inefficient diesel generators in what could be a turning point for energy creation in the region, as well as demonstrating the power of decentralization.

Solar Power to Senegal

According to Siemens, over 630 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa lack electricity, with those not connected to the grid having to power their own villages using unreliable and polluting diesel generators. The people of Bacco Ndieme in south Senegal are one such group, but Siemens hopes that the installation of a ‘Solartainer’ in the village can change this.

The Solartainer is a 60-panel solar assembly that fits in a standard 40-foot shipping container, allowing it to be easily transported to and assembled wherever it is needed. With its maximum capacity of 50 kWp it can provide enough power to electrify the needs of more than 3,000 people, making it perfect for African villages like Bacco Ndieme.

Track Your Donation Through the Blockchain

So where does blockchain fit in? The project is being funded through donations, but unfortunately corruption is never too far away when it comes to infrastructure projects in Africa. For this reason, Siemens has teamed up with security token issuer SWARM to ensure that all donations are publicly tracked as they are collected, ensuring that not one cent ends up in the wrong pocket.
For the first time, donors will be able to track their donation on every step of its journey, ensuring that it gets to where it needs to go and achieves what it was meant to achieve.

Blockchain technology will also be on completion of the project to measure and record the electrical output of the Solartainer, comparing it to the previous energy generation method in order to illustrate the carbon efficiency of the new system.

SWARM Pioneering the Blockchain Funding Space

SWARM are pioneers of the blockchain funding space, having worked with security token project INDX through their particularly challenging launch phase, and projects like #connect2evolve will further pave the way for such collaborations.

If #connect2evolve succeeds in its aims it will be a fantastic advert for blockchain technology and the power of decentralization – register here to make your donation today.