Waves Targets Wider Adoption With New Association

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Waves is a blockchain platform like most others, looking to increase the number of dApps and users on it. In this reporter’s mind, it’s in the range of NEO and Aelf; it exists, but it’s not something that currently dominates the news cycle.

Waves Association

Nevertheless, Waves community members from six European countries are looking to change that with something called the Waves Association. The new group will work to increase adoption by both developers and users. It has the support of a Waves founder, Sasha Ivanov, who said:

We decided to integrate the capabilities and efforts of our core community members to quickly achieve greater global adoption of the Web 3.0 paradigm. This is an important step toward improving the efficiency of the Waves ecosystem. Through the Association, we will be able to increase the numbers of developers and users, and also plan to attract crypto enthusiasts, who develop other blockchain technologies and solutions.

A press release from the Waves Association further talks about the various tactics the group will use to advance the cause of Waves.

One good idea is to target partnerships with universities, research centers, and enterprises. The Association will also look into getting on with governments. You never know who is interested in studying blockchain, or developing it for that matter.

The blockchain, after all, is more than a bunch of code. It’s a platform, on which many types of products can be built, financial and otherwise.

Why Waves?

The Waves Association is a German non-profit. Its only allegiance is to Waves.

At time of writing, Waves stood at about 97 cents.

There is a belief by some that platforms like Waves are solutions searching for a problem. After all, Ethereum and EOS are large enough, between them, to handle most of the blockchain activity in the world. Why are more blockchains being built?

The obvious answer is that others think they can do it better, but there’s more to it than that. Even if you can get away with having just one or two blockchains, it’s better to have more. To be more decentralized, and harder to shut down.

Thus, eventually we may see dApps that currently run on other blockchains adding Waves to their repertoire.

Waves, for its part, has played host to some original dApp launches, mostly games. This is the case with a lot of blockchains, especially Tron, where gambling and gaming are the main use case.

Waves isn’t pushing for that sort of reputation. Its new Association will have a lot to do with how it is perceived.