Amazon Reportedly Working on an NFT-based Game

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  • Amazon is reportedly planning to enter the Web 3.0 gaming world with an NFT-based game
  • The game is expected to be launched towards the end of 2023
  • This comes after Amazon Web Services (AWS) inked a deal with Avalanche blockchain creator Ava Labs

Leading online retailer Amazon is rumored to be developing a blockchain game powered by NFTs with its launch expected towards the end of this year. This comes less than a year after the company’s CEO Andy Jassy told CNBC that there’s a possibility that the retailer would sell digital artworks in the future while also observing that the NFT market valuation is expected to continue rising. If everything goes as reported, Amazon will join Porsche, Nike and other top conventional brands that have recently entered the digital collectibles market.

Amazon Customers to Receive NFT Rewards

According to Blocworks, sources familiar with the developments said that the retailer is working on a decentralized game that would tip players in digital collectibles. The retailer is reportedly looking to allow their customers to play the game and receive NFTs in return, with plans to release a public statement on the developments in April.

The sources revealed that the e-commerce giant had initially planned to release an NFT collection in partnership with an unnamed artist before the plan ”significantly evolved.” Further initial details show that Amazon intends to seek an external platform to power its NFT initiative instead of hosting on AWS. 

An Amazon NFT Marketplace?

The sources privy to the matter indicated that the e-commerce platform will start to conduct new hires to handle the blockchain-gaming project and other initiatives targeting the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem. Although it isn’t clear whether Amazon will consider developing an NFT marketplace like OpenSea, the sources said that such a move would “make a huge splash” in the space. 

Amazon’s rumored NFT push comes four years after showing interest in blockchain technology through Quantum Ledger and three years after winning a blockchain patent for a decentralized supply chain, an indication that the e-commerce heavyweight is closely watching and adapting to developments in the blockchain space.