Pro-Crypto Liberal Challenges House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in CA Primary

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi faces an unexpected challenge from the techno left in the upcoming Democratic primary. 

The 30-year veteran Congresswoman has given little or no attention to blockchain technology, focusing the last few years instead on demolishing continually embattled President Donald Trump. 

Make Blockchain Great Again

Enter Agatha Bacelar, “a Stanford engineer and designer who has worked with Emerson Collective and Democracy Earth,” with blockchain foremost on her agenda. 

Bacelar seeks to unseat the veteran Democrat by raising $1 million in crypto donations and appealing to the Silicon Valley pride of California’s liberal electorate. 

The millenial’s platform will appeal to those who hold crypto and blockchain as central issues in society. 

Moderate Democrats Asleep Or Worse On Blockchain

In the US, there is a cogent and important cohesion between those who support various “liberty” issues and the crypto community. 

In essence, for a long time, the two philosophies were indistinguishable, with prominent libertarians such as Erik Voorhees and Roger Ver fronting the capital to get the industry started. 

Economically, libertarian policy ideas are typically to the right of the Republican party, and far to the right of democrats. 

However, some Democrats have chosen to embrace blockchain from a technology angle, making the argument that it will create jobs and boost the economy. 

The best (or worst) example of this was former Democratic Presidential candidate Eric Saltwell, who utilized a no-name platform to accept crypto donations and gave absolutely no reasoning for his stance. He did create this video:

Saltwell is in favor of gun control. Agatha Bacelar currently avoids the issue of gun rights on her issues page. Andrew Yang, who is running on a Universal Basic Income agenda, also favors cryptocurrency.

The California Democrat does say, however, she is in favor of Alexandria Occasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal.” 

The Green New Deal heavy regulation across industries in the US. 

With Blockchain and Justice For All

That Bacelar is a democrat will matter less in the coming election. 

Republican President Donald Trump denigrated Bitcoin in 2019. Ironically, Trump also faces a surprising challenge for his political position in the form of Massachusetts governor Bill Weld, who is challenging Trump on traditional conservative grounds. 

This is to say that the upcoming election could well be decided on grounds other than strict political factionalism. People who otherwise decry issues like abortion may find themselves supporting pro-choice Democrats in the interest of their assets and the country’s economy. 

Both support and opposition to cryptocurrency has been a bi-partisan issue to date. Bitcoin enjoys as many fans as would-be assassins in the progressive left. 

For whatever reason, the same is true of the conservative party, with some Republicans like Donald Trump occasionally speaking ill of crypto.