Bitcoin Family Reveal Most BTC-friendly Locations

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  • A Dutch family has revealed the most Bitcoin-friendly locations in the world
  • The Taihuttus family has travelled 40 countries in three and a half years, trying to use nothing but Bitcoin
  • Ljubljana in Slovenia and Rovereto in Italy allow you to pay for “literally everything” in Bitcoin

A family travelling round the world using nothing but Bitcoin has revealed their most Bitcoin-friendly locations. The five-strong Taihuttus family has visited 40 countries in the past three and half years, spreading the word of Bitcoin as they go. In a profile on CNBC the family reveal that they have huge faith in the potential for the cryptocurrency to gain mass adoption, claiming that their ability to get by for so long is proof that such adoption is growing.

40 Countries Down, Plenty to Go

The Taihuttus’ began their epic journey in 2017 when Bitcoin was valued at just $900, cashing in their home and possessions and beginning a world tour subsisting on Bitcoin alone. The self-styled Bitcoin Family have now traversed 40 countries, refusing to conduct a transaction unless it is in Bitcoin.

The Taihuttus’ have understandably had to be quite inventive on their travels, given that some products and services simply cannot be bought for Bitcoin, such as visas. In these events the family have resorted to a number of other methods including bartering, bargaining and convincing, and if all that fails they have to resort to selling Bitcoin through cryptocurrency debit cards.

Ljubljana and Rovereto Share the Bitcoin-friendly Title

The Taihuttus’ told CNBC that of all the cities they have visited, two stand out in their minds as being the most crypto friendly – Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, and Rovereto, a small village in Italy. Only in these two cities was it possible to pay for “literally everything” in Bitcoin, from bike repairs to haircuts.

However, father Didi told CNBC that in time this will change:

I believe bitcoin is slowly becoming more a store of value. We see bitcoin as a brick of digital gold that stores value, and sometimes, tremendously increases in value, but you can also take that brick of gold into a store and pay with it.