5 Brilliant Bitcoin Podcasts That You Should Be Listening To

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Everybody loves podcasts these days; you only need to take a single look at the iTunes download charts to see that. Informative, advisory, educational, and fun, a good podcast series can provide endless hours of entertainment. Covering all subject matters, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have rightfully been given the podcast treatment. Admittedly, it’s still a pretty new sub-genre, so what’s out there can be quite hit and miss. The BitStarz team has listened to a large chunk of what currently floods the iTunes store, so here are the brilliant Bitcoin podcasts that you should be listening to in 2018.

No. 1 – The Bitcoin Podcast

The name says is it all, as this is considered by many to be both the original and the best Bitcoin podcast currently out there. The format doesn’t veer far from the norm, as through a regular set of hosts (Marcello, Corey, and Demetrick) and a ton of guest interviews, the whole listening experience proves to be pretty mellow. Yes, it is well known that some episodes can run long, even hovering around the 2-hour mark at times, but that doesn’t hold it back in any way. Its glistening reputation has also helped it land some pretty big guests in the past, including the likes of Andreas Antonopoulos, Imogen Heap, Naomi Brockwell, and Roger Ver.

No. 2 – Unchained: Big Ideas From the Worlds of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Its name is a bit of mouthful, but Unchained: Big Ideas From the Worlds of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency – Unchained for short – has become a favourite of Reddit readers over the years for a reason. Hosted by Laura Shin, a leading business journalist, this podcast looks at how cryptocurrency and blockchain has the power to change the world. Two episodes of Unchained are uploaded every month, with the show being backed by Forbes due to Shin’s role as its senior editor. Routinely sitting down with industry pioneers, if you want to further understand Bitcoin’s reach outside of the usual price peaks and drops, Unchained is a true must listen.

No. 3 – The Bad Crypto Podcast

From the established names to the new kids on the block, Travis and Joel, two guys that are learning about the world of cryptocurrencies as they go along, host The Bad Crypto Podcast. In the same boat as millions of others out there, these guys are relatable, plus it doesn’t hurt that they make for quite the double act. Chocked full of banter and not afraid to laugh at themselves, The Bad Crypto Podcast is a refreshing listen, especially if you want a break from all the technically heavy podcasts that are out there.

No. 4 – Bitcoin & Markets

Now this is probably the hidden gem on this list, as many won’t have heard of Bitcoin & Markets before. Trust us when we say that this is a podcast that’s gaining traction, as while it may only have a small audience at this point, it’s still able to offer up some great insights. Not only that, it’s able to cobble together a pretty decent narrative to run alongside market updates of the moment, along with dabbling in the likes of standard markets and gold from time to time to time as well. Honest, harsh, and carrying a wealth of usual information, Ansel Lindner’s Bitcoin & Markets is going to be a podcast that’s worth keeping an ear out for.

No. 5 – Bitcoins & Gravy

Who doesn’t love a dash of country music, mixed with a fair helping of Bitcoin, topped off with a touch of comedy? Bitcoins & Gravy is a total departure from every other podcast on this list, as it’s not afraid to mix the outright silly (see Ode to Bitcoin) with the legitimately informative (see Worldwide Asset Exchange). What Bitcoins & Gravy handles better than most podcasts is pacing, as it tries to not get too weighed down by heavy chat without a little comedic relief sprinkled into the mix.

Honorary Mention – Bitcoin Uncensored

Crude, controversial, and not afraid to cut close to the bone, Bitcoin Uncensored was an entertaining podcast that wasn’t afraid to take aim at every Bitcoin and cryptocurrency out there. What made this podcast so special was that it was truly unedited and raw, which meant that while it was long form, it didn’t let up when it came to entertaining content. Sadly, hosts Chris DeRose and Joshua Unseth had a creative parting of the ways, so Bitcoin Uncensored has bit the dust, but the old episodes are well worth revisiting if you ask us.
Bitcoin podcasts have become a key source of not just entertainment, but information too, as they can certainly help you increase your knowledge of the cryptocurrency market. So, next time you have an hour to spare, load up iTunes, Podcast Addict, or Pocket Casts, and settle in to listen to one of the several podcasts we’ve recommended above!