Jordan Pearson Sends Communist Manifesto to Space Using Bitcoin

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, and Blockstream have combined to create this incredible new universe where the Bitcoin network no longer needs the internet to exist – the only cryptocurrency network to do so. However, Jordan Pearson – Motherboard Associate Editor – has taken things one step further and transmitted the entire communist manifesto from space using the Bitcoin network and Blockstream’s satellite service. Anyone with a satellite dish configured properly can now access and download the entire manifesto, but the manifesto is more than words – it’s a whole new world for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Exists Beyond the Internet

Many people are caught up in the fact that Pearson sent the communist manifesto to space and are missing out on the bigger picture. This incredible feat highlights that Bitcoin is now no longer controlled by the internet. as it has grown to become bigger than the world wide web. If your internet connection drops, your ISP cuts you off, or if you’re in the middle of the Sahara Desert, you can still use the Bitcoin network – how cool is that. Bitcoin is no longer confined to a series of undersea cables and could become the de facto currency used as humans head to Mars.

Blockstream is Changing the Game

The final Blockstream satellite was launched in December 2018 and completed its brand-new Bitcoin network coverage system. The array of satellites whizzing around the planet beam the entire Bitcoin network down to Earth, covering the vast majority of the planet’s surface. Blockstream is giving those in remote areas access to this new powerful technology and a world of financial freedom.

Blockstream hasn’t stopped there. In a bid to make the Bitcoin network safer and easier to use, Blockstream proposed a new Multisig standard that will make transacting in Bitcoin easier, faster and more scalable than ever before. While it’s still only on the testnet for the time being, it’s showing real potential and could soon be integrated into the Bitcoin network.

Send Your Own Space Messages

If you want to send your own messages to space, you can easily do so using the Lightning Network. Simply head over to the Blockstream Satellite site and create a new transmission – you can upload any type of file under 10kb. Once you’re happy, set your transaction fee limit, pay the invoice and your message will be forever embedded in the Bitcoin blockchain that’s beamed from space – welcome to the future.

This incredible new service from Blockstream will have a huge impact on the way society operates, especially following a natural disaster where local infrastructure is destroyed. Blockstream has the ability to let transactions occur without power and internet, making it the perfect currency for the future.