Wirex Suffers Major Outage Over the Weekend

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Wirex is a popular crypto app thanks to it being a fiat on-ramp to the crypto world. Couple this up with the super handy Wirex card and spending crypto on the go has never been easier. Unfortunately, as Wirex sores in popularity, it’s suffering some major teething issues. Over the weekend, Wirex suffered from unplanned downtime, with transfers, swaps, deposits, and withdrawals all not working. This left many users without access to their crypto over the weekend, and in some cases, people were left without means to pay for food and living costs.

Not the First Issue for Wirex

For Wirex users this isn’t the first time the platform has had major issues like this. Back in April when Wirex launched version 3.0, the app entered “scheduled” maintenance. It’s no secret that Wirex is struggling to keep up with the huge demand from its users, but these issues need to end or Wirex is going to struggle to keep up with the new companies entering the space.

More Crypto Cards Launching

Wirex is quickly losing its novelty as a crypto exchange and spending platform, as more and more companies launch their crypto cards. Last week, Nexo announced its very own crypto payments card backed by MasterCard. The awesome thing about Nexo’s offering is that you’re not spending your crypto, you’re spending the value of your crypto. Think of it like borrowing against your crypto, and then you can repay the fiat without ever losing your original crypto balance.

Back in April, Coinbase launched its own payments card that automatically converts your crypto into fiat, meaning you don’t have to top up the card like you do with Wirex. It’s the first payment card to have this feature, and it’s incredibly convenient. Perhaps Wirex should be looking into implementing this system if its app is going to be down so often.

Wirex Customer Support is Swamped

As per usual, the Wirex support teams and community managers were totally swamped over the weekend. Every time Wirex goes down, its thousands of users all head straight to the official Telegram group and pour in requests for help, along with airing grievances. These community managers are saints working as hard as they can, 24/7 to keep everyone happy. However, the huge amounts of complaints are drawing in a lot of scammers – not ideal for Wirex.

Until Wirex manages to fix its issues and become more reliable, it will be a haven for scammers and trolls alike.