Wagmi United Enjoys Success With Crawley Town Victory

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  • Wagmi United started their ownership of British soccer team Crawley Town with a win
  • Crawley beat Barrow 1-0 in the first match since the takeover
  • Wagmi United promises to leverage NFTs and Web 3.0 to bring success to Crawley Town

English soccer league side Crawley Town this weekend played its first game since being taken over by Wagmi United, a US-based consortium that plans to leverage Web 3.0 and NFTs to revolutionize the club. Wagmi United’s co-founders Preston Johnson and Eben Smith, who officially took charge of the club on Thursday, watched their new team play out a 1-0 win over Barrow as they consolidate plans to “shake up the status quo”.

Wagmi United to Bring Web 3.0 to Lower League Soccer

Wagmi United promises to be far from the average soccer club owner, with the announcement of their purchase last week stating how the new owners were “dedicated to bringing Web3’s most innovative ideas and passionate communities to the world of sports.”

This likely won’t mean much to Crawley supporters, although they might start to take an interest when they learn that Wagmi United wants to involve fans in the running of the club in a way not previously attempted in English soccer. Smith and Johnson claim that their aims include “building tight-knit communities of passionate fans and empowering them to take a personal stake in telling their team’s story and shaping its future.”

This personal stake could be in the form of NFTs, with decision making being auctioned off to buyers may then, should they desire, vote the pair off the board if they don’t achieve success on the pitch. This is very firmly in their plans however, according to Johson:

At Crawley Town, we’re going to shake up the status quo, try out some new ideas, and build a worldwide community of fans new and old that can be excited to cheer on the Red Devils together — stretching from West Sussex to anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Crawley’s win over Barrow leaves them 12th in League Two with six games to play.