Win Awesome Prizes and Help Good Causes With 1in256 Competitions

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The crypto world is one of the most generous online communities around, with projects putting their differences aside to help well-deserving causes. Back in July, changeangel raffled off a stunning piece of Bitcoin artwork to raise money for children around the globe. The raffle went incredibly well, with enough funds raised to provide more than 2,000 people with access to clean water.

After the roaring success of this huge community drive, CryptoBantam – an online clothing store – has teamed up with changeangel to develop 1in256 Competitions. 1in256 Competitions gives you the chance to buy raffle tickets to be in with a shout of winning epic prizes while giving back to the community.

May the Odds Be in Your Favor

One of the most appealing elements of 1in256 is the great odds. Every ticket in the competition has a 1 in 256 chance of winning – hence the name. That’s roughly the same amount of people the average movie theatre holds, meaning you have a solid chance of winning. Now, imagine getting your hands on the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S10+ for only £4.95. Until now, it was virtually impossible, but thanks to 1in256 Competitions it’s now possible. All items are shipped directly from the manufacturer, with the warranty in your name – all you have to do is buy a ticket to get your name in the raffle.

Let the Blockchain Decide

The winner is decided at random in an entirely unique way by the Bitcoin blockchain, so you make your own luck in the 1in256 Competitions draws. Ticket numbers are in hexadecimal form – a numbering system used by the blockchain. When you buy a ticket your entry is listed in the Competition History section of the item, next to the nickname you chose. To win, all you need to do is match your ticket number with the last two digits of the hash of a specified Bitcoin block. You can verify this entirely independently of 1in256 by checking on any block explorer.

CryptoBantam Putting in the Hard Work

A project like 1in256 Competitions is no mean feat, and CryptoBantam has been working incredibly hard to make it possible. The CryptoBantam team has developed the platform with a focus on user experience. They have already received praise from the wider crypto community for how easy it is to participate. When it comes to raising money for good causes and crypto awareness projects, CryptoBantam is stepping up to the plate and taking the lead.

Will You Be Helping Kids Around the World While Enjoying Gadgets?

Just before Christmas, we saw the Bitcoin Reddit community band together to collect Bitcoin in order for a charity to buy school supplies for kids in Venezuela. Enough was raised to give more than 500 children the school supplies they needed, giving people a warm and fuzzy feeling right before Christmas. You too will have that same warm and fuzzy feeling when you’re using your brand-new Samsung Galaxy S10+, playing games on your new Xbox One X or listening to your favorite tunes on your comfy Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones.

1in256 Competitions is giving charities around the world a helping hand in raising funds so that they can change the lives of vulnerable people. It’s yet another truly selfless act from the teams at CryptoBantam and changeangel, showing just how kind and caring the crypto community really is.