Win $100 with Kat’s Crypto Giveaway!

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The Crypto Van is making its way across America and people are setting Kat various challenges – you know, to make the journey more grueling and less the crypto life of luxury. The latest challenge to face the Crypto Van is actually for the crypto world to participate in, giving Kat a chance to catch her breath and prepare for the next stop on her crypto awareness adventure.

Kat is giving you the chance to bag $100 in Bitcoin, Litecoin, or DigiByte by completing a couple of easy steps.

Swap Cryptos for Social Good

Putting your name in the draw for $100 of Bitcoin, Litecoin or DigiByte couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is head over to the changeangel website and complete a swap between any of your favorite cryptocurrency pairs. Then, your final step is to send your transaction ID to the changeangel team and keep an eye on their Twitter page on September 22 – if you follow changeangel and Kat on Twitter you’re guaranteed not to miss any of the action. It’s really that easy to get your hands on some incredible crypto, and best of all, it’s free. Don’t forget to send your transaction ID to the changeangel team, otherwise you won’t make it into the draw.

Kat’s Amazing Journey Comes to an End

Kat and the crypto van have been travelling across America over the past few weeks, dishing out crypto seeds and helping to spread the good word of mass adoption. Starting out in California, Kat and the crypto van drove across the country, stopping off along the way to find funky places to spend crypto. Along the way, Kat dropped off QR codes to wallets that have space to the seed phrase on the back, helping people to create their own wallet and keep their crypto safe – the ultimate form of crypto kindness. Kat made it all the way back to Virginia safe and sound, leaving behind a trail of crypto seeds for new crypto adventurers to find as the enter the world of crypto. It was a sad farewell when Kat and the crypto van parted ways, but she upgraded her crypto car to give it the same crypto charm!

Kat and changeangel are two incredible projects that help raise awareness of the crypto world and give back to the crypto communities that need it the most. Running huge promotions like this are exactly why changeangel and Kat deserve a huge round of applause for their tireless work and service to the crypto world. Whether you’re a Bitcoiner, DigiByter, or Litecoiner, free crypto is something we can all get behind!