Web 3.0 Woundup – 27/11/22

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This week’s Web 3.0 woundup sees Magic Eden welcoming Polygon, FTX’s metaverse accountants hit with a lawsuit and the ApeCoin DAO voting for an NFT exchange. Pick a fighter and let’s go!

Magic Eden Welcomes Polygon NFTs

Solana-based NFT marketplace Magic Eden has increased the number of supported blockchains to include Polygon, the fast-growing Ethereum layer-two chain. According to Magic Eden, the move comes after partnering with the blockchain platform to, among other things, bring more people to the digital collectibles world.

Polygon will be the third chain on Magic Eden after adding support for Ethereum in August.

Prager Metis Hit With FTX-related Lawsuit

The accounting firm that boasts of having its headquarters in the metaverse, Prager Metis, has been taken to court for its role in the FTX collapse. According to an FTX investor who claims to have lost roughly $20,000, Prager Metis endorsed the crypto exchange’s financial situation despite being aware of the big financial hole in its books.

The lawsuit adds to other lawsuits filed against the exchange and its top executives.

ApeCoin Community Launches Yuga Labs Marketplace

The ApeCoin community this week launched an NFT marketplace dedicated to Bored Ape and other digital collectibles tied to Yuga Labs. Although MagicEden had expressed interest in building the platform, the ApeCoin DAO vote favored Snag Solutions, a four-month-old startup.

The platform will support NFT creators’ royalties, a move that follows popular marketplaces like OpenSea and X2Y2 which are rethinking their optional royalties stand.