Web 3.0 Woundup – 16/04/23

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This week’s Web 3.0 Woundup sees France creating a metaverse free of tech giants, Adidas launching a new NFT series, and Proof saying thank you to Moonbirds fans.

France Seeks Public Views on Building National Metaverse

France this week asked the public to share its views on building a French-styled metaverse not dominated by tech heavyweights. In a consultation released on April 11, the country wants to understand the risks posed by virtual worlds on the environment, health, and user privacy.

The consultation is part of ongoing efforts aimed at securing Europe’s digital sovereignty and comes roughly six months after an exploratory mission by the country’s Ministry of Culture and Economy concluded that the metaverse should exist in real time.

Adidas Launches New NFTs for ‘Into The Metaverse’ Holders

Sportswear giant Adidas this week released a new NFT collection dubbed ALTS by Adidas and available exclusively to holders of the brand’s ‘Into The Metaverse’ collection. The new collection features dynamic NFTs with varying rarity levels and is accessible by burning collectibles in the earlier collection.

ALTS by Adidas marks another step into the blockchain journey which the brand started four years ago when it teamed up with VeChain to secure its sneaker supply chain.

Proof Announces New NFT Collection for Loyal Moonbirds Holders

Moonbirds creator Proof this week announced a new NFT collection to reward and honor loyal collectors of its Moonbirds artworks. Dubbed Moonbirds: Diamonds Exhibition, the collection features 10,000 artworks created in partnership with 22 artists such as Beeple. 

Scheduled for release on April 27, the collection will be available exclusively to collectors who have staked Moonbirds NFTs in the past.