NFT News Roundup – 14/05/22

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It’s Saturday, which means we have the unenviable task of fighting through the week’s NFT news to bring you the highlights. Be warned, this one contains graphic images that some may find offensive. Of Madonna. Giving birth to a tree. Or something like it.

Instagram Announces NFT Integration

Instagram is set to go multi-chain as it joins the league of social media platforms that have embraced NFTs. Instagram will initially provide support for Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, with Solana and Flow to follow in the months ahead.
The NFT integration will be launched with a limited pilot that will restrict access to the feature to select NFT enthusiasts and creators in the US, with the feature allowing them to showcase their NFTs and tag the creators.
To distinguish itself from other social media platforms offering a similar feature – especially Twitter – Instagram will not charge users to use it, which is believed to have resulted from Instagram’s goal of supporting the digital art community.
If the pilot is successful, Meta has hinted that it will roll out the feature to other platforms in its stable.

Madonna…no, sorry, I can’t. It’s just mental.

After dipping her toes into the NFT space by purchasing a Bored Ape, pop icon Madonna stunned the world this week with a completely unnecessary x-rated NFT video that evoked memories of a famous tree scene in the film Evil Dead.
Called “Mother of Creation”, and made in collaboration with NFT legend Beeple, the collection is supposed to represent Madonna giving birth to life when, of course, she is very clearly getting f****d by a tree. The video, one of three in the collection, is listed on SuperRare and has a current bid of 16.7 ETH ($35,354), with the funds being split between three charities: The Voices of Children Foundation, The City of Joy, and Black Mama’s Bail Out, with MoonPay donating $100,000 to each as part of the launch.
So at least there’s that.
But still.
No need.

The Global Esports Federation Launches Metaverse Council

Back in the land of the sane, The Global Esports Federation (GEF), which is in charge of promoting the credibility, legitimacy, and prestige of esports around the world, has created the “GEF Metaverse Council”. This committee will seek to leverage the expertise of crypto and NFT project developers, creative directors, domain experts, and social influencers from across the Web 3 space to shape its metaverse development initiatives in areas like global community, blockchain technology, and social influencers.
Hugo Philion, the CEO and Founder of Flare (GEF’s global partner for blockchain ecosystems), will chair the council, while Melvin Kuek, Senior Advisor of the GEF, will serve as its Vice-Chair.

Axie Infinity: Origin Lands on Android

Axie Infinity: Origin, the newest iteration of the popular NFT, has landed on Android – providing you know how your way around an APK. Axie Infinity has released Origin in a real world test environment, with players needing to download the APK file from their website to test it out, with creators Sky Mavis collecting feedback before a full global launch later this year.
Axir Infinity: Origin is set to include some new features, with the most important one being a reduction of the entry bar that hampers players of the original game.