Web 3.0 Woundup –12/03/23

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This week’s Web 3.0 woundup sees Amazon planning its own NFT exchange, Starbucks launching its first paid NFT collection and Lego talking up its metaverse plans.

Let’s just hope you’re not ‘met-averse’ to such things.

I’ll get my coat.

Amazon Planning to Launch NFT Marketplace in April

E-commerce giant Amazon was this week reportedly putting the final touches to its NFT marketplace in readiness for launch in April. Dubbed Amazon Digital Marketplace, the platform will offer a limited number of NFTs and will be initially available to users in the United States.

Amazon’s foray into Web 3.0 seems to revolve around digital artworks as rumors emerged last month that it is also working on an NFT-based game. Which is all well and good, but wen Bitcoin payments?

Starbucks Sounds the Sirens

Starbucks this week launched its first paid NFT collection, Siren Collection (no, not that kind of siren), three months after unveiling an NFT-based customer loyalty points program known as Odyssey.

The limited-edition collection features 2,000 collectibles that are available for $100 each to a section of collectors since the collection is still in beta mode. According to Starbucks, the collection offers NFTs inspired by what it refers to as a super mermaid or an amplified version of the company’s logo. Super mermaid? Don’t think even Marvel would touch that one.

Lego CEO Talks Up Metaverse Plans

We all love Lego, and we all love the metaverse (right?), so what better…thing than a Lego-themed metaverse? Lego CEO Niels Christiansen this week talked up the company’s plans for such an eventuality as it seeks to take the physical into the virtual.

The toy company last year announced a partnership with Fortnite maker Epic Games to create a Lego metaverse, and Christiansen said this week that the company knows “very well how to immerse consumers into the Lego universe in stores”, experience which he plans to bring to the digital sphere…whenever it’s ready.