Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Take Their Place at CES 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas may be best known as an opportunity for tech giants to show off the latest and greatest inventions, but one area that is seeing expansion year on year is cryptocurrency and the blockchain. Seeing as it proudly showcases the tech of tomorrow you might expect blockchain to feature heavily at CES, but generally being a software rather than hardware-focused entity means that shows like CES are not as likely to showcase resultant products. However, not only are there blockchain-based products to see at this year’s event, but a number of talks on blockchain and cryptocurrency are taking place at the event, marking impressive progress for the space in general.

Ledger and Pundi X Show Off Products

As revealed yesterday, Ledger unveiled the Ledger Nano X at CES, which touts Bluetooth connectivity to allow it to interact with the Ledger Live App and an improved security chip. Pundi X, the company behind the NPXS token, demoed a prototype of their XPhone, a mobile device based on blockchain technology. Due out in Q3 of 2019, the specs have not been absolutely confirmed, but the excitement, at least for blockchain fans, is the presence of Function X, the so-called ‘blockchain mode’, where users can have their phone calls and messages encrypted using blockchain technology with a simple swipe. The encryption is handled by nodes connected to the phone’s network rather than on the device itself, making the process truly decentralized.

Blockchain and Crypto up for Discussion

Within the CES exhibition is the Digital Money Marketplace, where three talks are taking place with cryptocurrency and blockchain at their heart. ‘Technology, Jobs and the Future of Work’ features a panel, including senior employees from Bosch and Toyota, discussing how blockchain, AI, AR/VR, automation, and other technologies will impact future employment. ‘Cities Flirt with Blockchain’ sees a three-person panel, including the general manager of IBM’s blockchain services, discuss the impact of blockchain in cities and local governments. Finally, ‘The Great Crypto Debate’ sees a five-person panel, including the President of MakerDAO and Bitcoin Foundation Chairman Brock Pierce, debate the micro and macro of cryptocurrency, from the impact and the lessons learned from 2018 to the broader future of cryptocurrency.

Bring on CES 2020!

With blockchain and cryptocurrency more prevalent than ever at CES, it is hoped that the issues discussed and the hardware on show can add another layer of legitimacy to the technology. In turn, this could potentially encourage even more of a presence at CES 2020, in line with greater awareness within a broader public sphere.