Want Free Crypto? Yobit Has You Covered!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Everyone’s favorite crypto exchange has gone from strength to strength in terms of its marketing tactics, and its latest stunt is guaranteed to draw a huge crowd. Yobit users can now claim free coins that are periodically updated, even if they are mostly “shitcoins” it still counts as diversification. Chances are you have been hit hard by the recent crypto crash – most have – so a bit of diversification won’t hurt. Yobit’s free coin weekend is a sure-fire cure to right that negative sentiment towards your crypto advice. Simply sign up, head over to the free coins section and start claiming your free crypto.

Some Actual Gems in the Mix

Interestingly, it’s not just shitcoins up for grabs in this free coin giveaway – there are some pretty big names too. While this giveaway isn’t going to make you a crypto millionaire overnight, it will help add a little sprinkling of diversification to your portfolio. A few notable big names that have appeared in the past few days are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Doge. While it’s only small amounts, it’s better than nothing.

Pumping and Dumping Galore

For anyone who is new to the fabulous world of Yobit, it’s the crypto exchange that openly pumps and dump random cryptos just for fun. It began with its first pump and dump on October 10th following a post on its Twitter account. After this, the action happened once more on a fresh crypto. However, the second time around LAMBO got pumped a whopping 237,995% in the space of 10 minutes – talk about #lambo2020. Yobit is becoming famous for these harebrained and courageous schemes, but it’s only a matter of time before international regulators clamp down on this practice.

Minimum Withdrawal Limits

For those plucky holders who sat there all weekend hitting refresh, your hoard will still be pretty much useless. Unfortunately, Yobit has a minimum withdrawal and trade policy, meaning you’re going to need to amass a huge amount of all of those shitcoins. It’s fairly easy to rack up a couple hundred of Satoshis worth of cryptos, but to climb above that it takes some real dedication. You could be sitting there a while trying to scrape together enough crypto to withdraw or trade – sorry guys, but that’s just how it is.
Yobit is certainly getting creative when it comes to marketing and getting more users to sign up, and who doesn’t like free cryptos. There are no catches involved with getting the free cryptos, simply sign up, click the free crypto tab, and start diversifying your crypto portfolio – it’s that easy.