WordPress Users Can Now Accept IOTA Thanks to a New Plugin

Reading Time: 2 minutes

More than 75 million websites use WordPress as their backend, making it the most popular backend with web developers and bloggers alike. Thanks to Dan Darden and Laszlo Molnarfi, 75 million websites can now use the pair’s PayIOTA.me plugin to accept IOTA. Installation takes a matter of seconds, and configuration of the plugin is so simple, even a complete novice can use it. This is great news for bloggers and companies looking to make a foray into the crypto world, as it makes adopting crypto payments as simple as clicking a button.

Plugins to the Rescue

Users of WooCommerce – an e-commerce plugin for WordPress – have had access to a number of nifty plugins over the years that let users accept crypto payments. Most recently, Strike API launched its own WooCommerce plugin to let users accept Bitcoin via the Lightning Network. E-commerce stores around the globe can quickly and affordably start accepting Bitcoin payments, even for low value items. If you’re not much of a web developer and simply like to keep track of your finances in Excel, there is a plugin for you too. Pierre Rochard – a noted developer – has created a plugin for Excel that lets you send and receive Bitcoin via the Lightning Network. If that wasn’t enough, it will even automatically update balances and records to help save you time.

Feeding the Sheep

If all this crypto excitement has got a bit too much for you, why not take some time out of your day to feed a herd of fluffy sheep, That’s right, a group of developers – or should we say farmers – have set up a system that will let you send IOTA to an address and food will be dispensed for the sheep to eat.

IOTA ID System

IOTA is transforming the way humans interact with the world. In another huge announcement, IOTA is developing a new ID system that will let you access files and areas using the palm of your hand. Think of it like a decentralized ID system whereby any center running IOTA’s biometric security system, as long as you have access to the area, your handprint will open the door.
IOTA is certainly on the up, as developers keep launching new products they use the IOTA network. This new plugin for WordPress is the most recent in a long string of new developments helping to advance the IOTA community, as well as integrating blockchain into our daily lives.