Replay Taps Unstoppable Domains for Web 3.0 IDs

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Popular video platform Replay has partnered with Unstoppable Domains to activate Web 3.0 IDs for video content consumers
  • The partnership will focus on users of the video streaming service
  • Replay users can use their Web 3.0 identities to access NFTs

Blockchain video streaming platform Replay has tapped into Unstoppable Domains to bring Web 3.0 identities to those on the streaming platform. Through the partnership, Replay users can be rewarded for watching movies and other content on the platform. According to the platform’s CEO Krish Arvapally, the move is intended to rekindle the fun of watching videos.

One Identity, Multiple Platforms

Replay users will be able to connect with Unstoppable Domains IDs to qualify for rewards which include NFT-themed Unstoppable badges. To attract more users on the platform, rewards will go to those applying for the Web 3.0 identities using the video streaming service.

Unstoppable Domains powers over two million Web 3.0 identities that allow their holders to easily traverse the decentralized world. According to Arvapally, the platform has resulted in gamifying the video-watching experience with the hope of “bringing fun back to TV.” The gamification move includes offering customized dashboards and a leaderboard to motivate users to consume more content and showcase “their fandom.”

A Seamless and Intuitive Web 3.0

Users migrating from Unstoppable Domains to Replay will be welcomed with a generative NFT that has the power to give them more privileges on the video platform. Unstoppable Domains SVP Sandy Carter said that they are committed to making Web 3 .0 “more seamless and intuitive,” giving Replay ample space to rethink how people consume video content including live TV.

The partnership comes at a time when Web 3.0  is gaining momentum and more entities are looking to imagine life outside Web 2.0. However, Web 3.0 adoption still has a long way to go.