Unstoppable Domains Announces Web 3.0 Messaging Platform

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Unstoppable Domains is building a Web 3.0 messaging platform
  • The platform will be powered by Ethereum side-chain Polygon
  • The platform aims to form a stronger link between Web 3.0 projects and their communities

Unstoppable Domains has announced plans to unveil a Web 3.0 messaging platform powered by Ethereum side-chain Polygon. The decentralized domain provider aims to use the service to bring Web 3.0 projects closer to their communities. Dubbed Unstoppable Messaging and expected to go live late this year, it’ll allow the exchange of encrypted information between participants.

Encrypted and Filtered Messages

According to Unstoppable Domains, owners of domain names ending in .nft, .polygon and .x can securely send encrypted messages between themselves. The company’s senior Director of Engineering and Product Lisa Seacat revealed that the service offers features such as enabling users to filter “who can and cannot message you” or curate messages targeted to domain names with certain characteristics.

According to Seacat, messaging is already being used to engage communities interested in blockchain gaming, DApps and metaverse projects. 

Unstoppable Domains COO Sandy Carter noted that the messaging platform adds to the company’s mission to unite participants in the decentralized world. Carter added that a decentralized messaging service helps “build more cohesive and vibrant communities.” 

Polygon Labs’ growth head Sanket Shah commented on the development saying that identity is a critical component of “every community,” adding that Unstoppable Messaging brings a solution to the Polygon community. 

Ready Player Me, Polygon and Replay Partnerships

Unstoppable Domains has been expanding its array of features and recently partnered with Ready Player Me to create cross-platform metaverse identities, having already partnered with Polygon to roll out domain names ending with .Polygon. In November last year, blockchain video streaming service Replay tapped the Web 3.0 domain provider to provide video content consumers with blockchain identities.


With the need to foster stronger project-community ties, Unstoppable Messaging is likely to gain notable adoption when it launches.