Uniswap Airdrop Value Passes $13,000

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  • Uniswap airdrop holders have been rewarded for their strong hands as their 400 tokens passed $13,000 in value
  • The airdrop, which was handed out in September, bottomed out at $1.80 in November
  • The rise in value reinforces the power of the HODL

The Uniswap airdrop, which last September afforded 400 tokens to any Ethereum account that had traded on it, crossed $13,000 in value yesterday as the price of the cryptocurrency surged to $34.50. The Uniswap has now entered the top 10 by market cap thanks to a savage uptrend since bottoming out in November, with those who held onto their airdrop now reaping the rewards.

Uniswap Airdrop Holders Richly Rewarded

The Uniswap airdrop made headline news back in September when recipients deluged the platform to retrieve their 400 free UNI tokens, which peaked at $8.50 the day after their release. Liquidity providers were gifted even more as a thanks for helping the platform thrive.

Following its launch on multiple top exchanges on the day of its release, Uniswap airdrop recipients rushed to sell their tokens in the 48 hours after the release. After the $8.50 top out, the UNI token saw a six-week decline, bottoming out at $1.80 in November before its incredible recovery began.

In passing $34 yesterday, Uniswap airdrop holders were able to celebrate their free tokens now being worth $13,000, and with Uniswap V3 arriving in the coming months holders could see even more serious gains in the coming weeks.

The Power of HODL

Not only is the Uniswap airdrop milestone an indication of the fact that alt season is well and truly underway, it is also another example of the power of HODL. Those who sold at $8.50 were probably pleased with themselves, but perhaps not so much when they look at the 305% it has put on since then. This reinforces the fact that in a bull market, sitting on your bags is by far the best way to maximize your profits.