Twitter Troll Joins Zeus Capital in Calling Chainlink a Scam

Reading Time: 3 minutes
  • A Twitter troll has taken to calling Chainlink a scam, but filled his accusations with lies
  • Research shows that the troll has manufactured his “evidence” against Chainlink
  • Chainlink is strong enough to see off the FUD being spread around by this unimportant Twitter troll

Everyone wants to be relevant in the crypto space, especially on crypto Twitter. And to achieve this, many nobodies will join in one some FUD train or a hype wagon in a bid to get noticed. That’s exactly what one Twitter user has decided to do, joining in the Zeus Capital barrage of hate and FUD against Chainlink.

In his “expose”, the user known as G Archer, claims to have called 32 companies that Chainlink claim to be partnered with, all of which allegedly denied any knowledge of these partnerships.

So, in true FullyCrypto fashion, we’re here to call BS on G Archer and his fabricated claims. Why? Because spreading lies and FUD is not cool!

32 companies have never heard of #LINK

The lovely G Archer posted a nice graphic that he borrowed from Zeus Capital that depicts 28 different companies, projects and their logos. G Archer then claims to have called all 32 companies and spoken to their press teams, all of whom allegedly denied having ever heard of Chainlink, having agreed to any partnerships or even seeing a letter of intent.

Now, that’s a pretty bold claim to have called 32 companies, especially if some are from this nice graphic. I mean, good luck trying to call Google Cloud. At best you’ll get an email reply in 6 months’ time.

Here’s Why It’s Total FUD from G Archer

So, we’re actually going to offer up some proof here, something that G Archer doesn’t actually do in his three-part Twitter tirade. First up, the graphic used by Zeus Capital, and then reused by G Archer is massively out of date. This is in fact a more up-to-date list of all the partnerships that Chainlink claims to have – quite a few more than 32…

Next up, we’ve got various Tweets, conferences, videos and talks from various projects about their partnerships with Chainlink. Streamr, a project that appears on G Archer’s rather outdated list, has confirmed that they are indeed working with Chainlink and even published an article about it quite some time ago. I’m pretty sure that Chainlink didn’t hold these people at gunpoint and force them into saying or Tweeting this information. So, once again, G Archer is absolutely full of it.

The Verdict – G Archer is a FUD Machine

If you’re going to post a three-part tirade about how a project is a scam just to get some attention on crypto Twitter, make sure you’ve actually done your research and called the companies, not lie about it. Hopefully this will serve as a reminder to everyone in the crypto world to always do your own research. There are millions of idiots like G Archer out there who have no clue what they’re talking about and just want to fit in.

Don’t be a sheep. Don’t blindly accept everything you read in the crypto world. Do your own research and do yourself a favor – block morons like G Archer because they’re nothing but bad for the crypto world.