Hublot Releases $25,000 Watch That Can Only be Bought with BTC

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The timepiece industry is known for its ultra-rare and highly exclusive models, but Hublot is taking things to the next level to celebrate Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday. Hublot is being so strict with its purchasing rules over this new watch, that not even an American Express Black card will help you get your hands on it.
The Meca-10 P2P comes engraved with your Bitcoin transaction ID that you used to buy the watch – making it the ultimate gift for any Bitcoin enthusiast. With a price tag of $25,000 (3.87 BTC at current price), it’s not the most expensive watch on the market, but its value will skyrocket once shipping begins – making it a great investment.

A Limited Quantity Timepiece

Hublot is only making 210 Meca-10 P2Ps in homage to the 21 million Bitcoins that will be in existence. However, if you were planning on buying one, you could already be too late. It has received well over 210 orders for the watches and it’s currently running background checks on all interested buyers to ensure that the Bitcoin isn’t from an illicit source. Once all 210 have been shipped, the resale value will increase dramatically as crypto enthusiasts from all over the world all clamber to get their hands on this unique timepiece.

Get More Bang for Your Buck

If you missed out on the chance to get your hands on this unique watch, you can still spend your Bitcoin’s on some pretty awesome items. If you have 37 Bitcoin kicking around, you can get your hands on a Classic Recreations 1967 Shelby Mustang. Packing an impressive 770-horsepower, it will certainly help you get to your appointments on time – not to mention it works out cheaper than a Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SuperVeloce. Say goodbye to #lambo2020 and hello to #mustang2018 – should you have enough BTC lying around.

Partnerships Make Spending Cryptos Easy

Stores around the world are slowly forging partnerships with crypto payment gateways, meaning it’s now easier than ever to buy items with your crypto holdings. PrestaShop now lets store owners accept Bitcoin through the Lightning Network and Square is working on creating a POS machine that accepts cryptos. No matter where you like to spend your money, soon you will be able to use cryptos at almost every store in the world – the revolution is coming.
While Hublot’s Meca-10 P2P is now virtually impossible to get your hands on, there’s still certainly other luxurious ways to splash the digital cash in 2018!