Launches its Own Crypto Exchange

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The battle between Bitcoin and Roger Ver’s Bitcoin Cash continues to intensify, with Ver and his operation launching their very own crypto exchange. The brand-new crypto exchange will have four base currencies, including BCH, BTC, ETH, and USDT, but that’s not the big highlight of the launch. Rather than paying fees to trade, traders will in fact get paid to trade for a limited time. For the first few weeks, the exchange will have fees of -0.3%, meaning traders will make 0.3% of the trade value back as a reward.

Early Movers Getting Huge Rewards

The incredible advantages of being an early subscriber to the exchange just keep on coming. On top of negative fees, early users will also get VIP status, entitling them to 25% off all trade fees for the first 3 months, as well as entry into a $10,000+ prize pool. Very few exchanges are rocking features this grand, so it could be exactly what needs to shake off the haters.

An Alternative for Binance US Users?

There is only a handful of days left until Binance suspends trading for US-based users, and’s new exchange could very well pop up as a tantalizing option. The negative fee schedule and a 25% discount on trades once that runs out is certainly a huge draw. Traders on the exchange can trade XRP, LTC, EOS, TRX, XLM, DASH, and ZCASH, with up to 50 more cryptocurrencies set to be added as time progresses. KuCoin is currently looking like it will scoop up the majority of Binance’s users, but could very well get a nice share of the wandering traders.

Bitcoiners Still Can’t Accept

Unfortunately, die-hard Bitcoiners refuse to get over the fact that Roger Ver owns In fact, when launched its latest facelift – turning everything mint green – Bitcoiners on Reddit slammed the website for scamming newcomers to the crypto world. However, the only people that could possibly get scammed into thinking Bitcoin is mint green probably deserve to have their money put into an equally strong digital currency. In fact, they could very well be better off in terms of returns as Bitcoin Cash tends to pump harder – percentage-wise – in bull runs.

The new exchange is set to debut its own exchange currency – SLP – in the coming weeks. Built on top of the Bitcoin Cash network, SLP will give traders access to discounts and more premium features. If you haven’t already had a look, the new exchange is well worth trying out.