TSSB Collars Serial Crypto Scammer James Blundell

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  • The TSSB has issued cease and desist orders to serial crypto scammer James Blundell
  • Blundell has been named as the operator of 10 crypto, binary option, and forex investment scams
  • The TSSB has been one of the most active agencies in the U.S. when it comes to crypto scams

The Texas State Securities Board (TSSB) has issued cease and desist orders against 15 fraudulent investment scams, including crypto operations, 10 of which belong to just one man. The TSSB has moved to reign in the actions of serial scammer James Blundell who is selling illegal access to cryptocurrency investment scams through social media, backed up by forged documentation.

Blundell Operated 10 Scams Through Social Media

The TSSB accuses Blundell of using his large social media presence to portray a level of expertise in the cryptocurrency, binary options, and forex trading markets. Part of this illusion is down to the publication of an image of a TSSB certificate that purports to be a binary options trading license issued by Texas City, Texas. The TSSB asserts that this is a forgery and that Blundell has no such license.

The TSSB lists the names of the scams run by Blundell, alleging that they illegally sell lucrative cryptocurrency, binary options and forex investment opportunities, promising returns within hours:

  • Proactive Expert Trading
  • Reliable Miners
  • BitcoinFX Options
  • Sure Trade Earnings
  • CryptoTradeFXWay
  • Proactive ExpertTrade
  • ReliableFX Internal Trade
  • MaxFX Internal Trade
  • AntPoolTop Mining
  • ExpertTrades247

TSSB Continues its Fine Work Against Scammers

The TSSB also accused Blundell of using a forged driving license to further promote his legitimacy as a Texas-based trader. In order to carry out his schemes, Blundell and his associates “are also concealing highly material information such as…their strategies for actually earning profits” while many of those involved are “using phony or non-existent addresses or otherwise concealing their actual location.”

The TSSB has been one of the most active agencies in dealing with crypto scams, having seen off Pek Universe, the Liquidity crypto debit card scam, and several cloud mining services in recent months.