TronWallet Announces Support for Bitcoin

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Justin Sun and his Tron network have been trying their hardest to take the crypto world by storm. However, Sun’s marketing strategies have been marred by fake announcements, grandiose promises, and controversial competitions. In the latest Tron marketing stunt, TronWallet has announced that Bitcoin will be the next supported currency supported. This is rather big news for the Tron network as until now, the wallet only supported TRC20 tokens and the TronWallet (TWX) token.

A Rather Subtle Announcement

After the failed Warren Buffet lunch, Justin Sun promised to scale back his strong rhetoric when it comes to announcements, and it looks as if he is sticking to his promises. The TronWallet Twitter account posted a Tweet announcing that it’s hard at work adding support for Bitcoin. Rather than the usual announcement of upcoming “big news” and fanfare, this update was done rather quietly and with a lot less commotion, but we’re not sure how we feel about it.

The announcement feels a little too quiet, and for what should be a momentous occasion, Justin Sun is remaining relatively tight lipped. The TronWallet allows for people to send, transact, and exchange TXW alongside other TRC20 tokens, so adding support for Bitcoin means there will be Bitcoin pairs – you would think Sun would be screaming about this from the rooftops. Opera recently added support for both Tron and Bitcoin, code that TronWallet has likely pulled apart to make this possible.

Tron Hits 3.5 Million Users

Hours later, Tron announced that is finally hit 3.5 million users on its mainnet. This is yet another major milestone for Tron, and highlights that its mainnet can handle the huge amounts of throughput from the Tron community. It’s still not clear what the 3.5 million users get up to every day on the Tron network, but it’s likely that a large amount are from the Wink Casino and BitTorrent services. BitTorrent was allegedly going to crash the Tron network, but it appears to be working smoothly now, allowing Tron to grow at a rapid pace.

Hurry Up TronWallet!

Unfortunately, there is still no release date for Bitcoin support within the TronWallet, with the hashtag #soon being used. Having gone so long without Bitcoin support, it’s likely that Tron users can afford to wait another month or so before they can finally hodl their Bitcoin in their TronWallet. Stay tuned to Justin Sun’s Twitter page to find out exactly when Bitcoin support goes live – we know he will make a huge announcement about it!