Tomb Raider Developer Set to Launch First NFT Game

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  • Tomb Raider developer Square Enix has jumped into the Web 3.0 space with a new NFT game
  • The new game, Symbiogenesis, employs digital artworks that can also double as profile pictures on social media platforms
  • Square Enix is stepping into the Web 3.0 world with a dedicated team that targets to launch the game before June next year

Tomb Raider developer Square Enix has announced that it will launch its first NFT game, Symbiogenesis, next year. Details indicate that the game will feature virtual artworks with capabilities to be used as profile pictures on social media platforms. The announcement comes roughly one year after the reputable video game developer expressed interest in the Web 3.0 space, and a few days after video game retailer GameStop added support for Immutable X-powered NFTs

An Experience in the Alternate World

According to Square Enix, the new game is composed of virtual artworks meant to take players on an experience in an “alternate world” where they solve mysteries by going into missions centered around “monopolization.” 

Every move during missions forms a critical block in solving the puzzle. The developer plans to launch the game on the Ethereum blockchain before June next year. Being a web-based game, the Final Fantasy developer said Symbiogenesis will initially be supported by the Google Chrome browser both on PC and mobile apps.

Web 3.0 Games not a Favorite

Square Enix’s interest in the blockchain world was hinted at by its president Yosuke Matsuda when he said earlier this year that critical game components are slowly finding a new home on the blockchain. A year later, the video game developer invested in the Web 3.0 game The Sandbox. It later tested its NFT muscle by launching LINE-powered virtual stickers. 

In May, it sold Tomb Raider and other businesses to fund its blockchain-based projects. With conventional gamers yet to embrace Web 3.0 games, we can only wait and see whether big names in the industry will change the narrative by creating more blockchain-based games.