Tiktok Exec Taking “Gigantic Risk” With Blockchain Gaming Startup

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  • Tiktok’s gaming unit head, Jason Fung, has left the video streamer to start his own blockchain video game company
  • Meta0 will build a blockchain gaming platform from the ground up
  • Blockchian gaming has so far promised much but delivered little

The head of Tiktok’s gaming unit, Jason Fung, announced yesterday that he has left the video streaming giant to start up a blockchain gaming company, Meta0. Fung admitted that he was taking a “gigantic risk” in leaving his “comfortable corporate life” for the startup, but stated that he wants to bring new solutions to video game developers and utilise cutting edge technology.

Meta0 to Offer Total Blockchain Gaming Solution

Tiktok has experienced extraordinary growth in the last two years, presenting Fung with the chance to see first hand where the future of gaming lies. He has seemingly decided that it lies in blockchain gaming, which goes somewhat against all the evidence presented to date.

Fung told Blockworks that he left Tiktok to form Meta0 because he “saw a clear opportunity to offer a solution to the current segregated nature of infrastructure options available to developers looking to build blockchain games”, adding that this was a “problem in the market worth solving.”

Blockchain Gaming Has Generally Failed to Deliver on Promise

Fung will oversee many aspects of Met0’s initial launch, including the expansion of Meta0 as a whole ecosystem of game developers, channel partners, and L1/L2 blockchains running on Meta0 as a Layer-0 protocol. This is a similar approach to the one taken by Polkadot. Fung will also be responsible for Meta0’s fundraising campaigns and partnerships.

Blockchain gaming is an arena that has promised much but generally failed to deliver, with the end products typically reminiscent of the early days of video games. However, this means the space is ripe for innovation, and hopefully Fung and Meta0 can help realise the potential in blockchain gaming.