This Week in Crypto – FTX, Bitfinex, and a Ripple Robbery

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This week in the crypto world we saw the world wave goodbye to FTX and its hackers identified, Razzlekhan heading towards international stardom at last, and Ripple’s co-founder robbed of a hundred mil.


FTX Sunsetted and Hackers Revealed

This week we learned that FTX will be liquidated after no one wanted to resurrect the “dumpster fire” left by Sam Bankman-Fried, meaning that former customers will all get paid out in crypto in full. However, these will be at November 2022 prices, so not all gravy.

We also learned the names of the three individuals allegedly responsible for hacking the exchange for $400 million at the height of the turmoil, which was done, of course, through a SIM swap.

Nice try, fellas.

Razzlekhan to Get Movie Debut

Heather Morgan (aka Razzlekahn) will finally get her bid for stardom thanks to an Amazon-funded movie about the Bitfinex hack. Morgan and her beau, Ilya Lichtenstein, are allegedly the pair that robbed (or at least laundered the funds of) Bitfinex in 2016, and it seems that Amazon has decided that the pair are worthy of a movie.

Rumors that Razzlekhan will perform as part of the movie are utter nonsense we’ve just dreamed up, sadly.

Ripple Co-founder Robbed

Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen this week revealed that he was recently robbed of 217 million XRP tokens worth over $100 million. Larsen was quick to emphasize that the coins were his personal haul and had nothing to do with Ripple.

Larsen didn’t reveal how the hack happened, but he said that he was working with police and exchanges, having been informed that the hacker moved the funds through different exchanges including Binance, MEXC and Kraken.