The FullyCrypto 2021 Christmas Crypto Quiz

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Another year has passed and another bunch of stuff has happened in the cryptocurrency space. We saw all time highs for almost all cryptocurrencies, we saw countries adopting Bitcoin as currency, we saw an ETF (kind of), and much more.

January seems a long time ago, and there’s only one way to see how much you really care about the big issues in the crypto space…it’s the FullyCrypto 2021 Christmas Crypto Quiz!

Below you will find 10 questions all relating to things that happened in the cryptocurrency space this year with three options to choose from. There’s no time limit, but please don’t be tempted to cheat – it’s not big, and it’s not clever.

Are you ready? Sure? Then let’s ho ho ho…


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1Let's start with an easy one. Which country adopted Bitcoin as legal tender this year?

2Which country banned crypto futures and margin trading in January?

3Who became the first band to release an album as an NFT in March?

4How much bitcoin was in the wallet of crooked Silk Road investigator Mark Bridges when it was seized by U.S. Treasury officials this year?

5How much of Tether's market cap was revealed in May to be backed by actual cash?

6Who was revealed to be behind the NFT-loving Twitter handle Cozomo de' Medici?

7How much did Tesla spend on bitcoin in February?

8The ringleaders behind which crypto scam were finally charged this year?

9Which country reported Binance to the police due to illegally operating in the country?

10How much did Craig Wright have to pay out when a jury ruled in December that he took intellectual property from W&K Info Defense?

How did you get on? Compare your score with the ratings below:

9-10: Wow, you really know your crypto, and you’ve got a great memory! Give yourself a high five and a glass of eggnog – you deserve it!

6-8: Not bad, but room for improvement. You clearly have a fair bit of crypto knowledge and you can remember the bigger events of 2021, but the smaller details may have passed you by. Give yourself a half hearted handshake and a glass of sparkling water.

3-5: Disappointing. Maybe you only had eyes for BSV this whole year and missed everything going on around you. A distinctly forgettable display. Give yourself a jab in the eye with your thumb and a glass of cold gravy.

0-2: I mean, do you even know what cryptocurrency is? Were you alive in 2021? Even the turkey knows more about crypto in 2021 than you. This dismal display earns you a left hook from Santa and a stocking full of coal.

Thanks for Playing

Thanks for trying your hand at the FullyCrypto 2021 Christmas Crypto Quiz. We hope that 2022 is an equally memorable year, and that anyone who achieved less than a perfect 10 uses the opportunity to up their score next year!