Texas Crypto Miners Prepare for Winter Storm Landon

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  • Texan crypto miners are preparing for an imminent winter storm by powering down in advance
  • Winter storm Landon is due to hit this week, with memories of last year’s crisis fresh in Texan minds
  • Crypto miners in the area are ready to power down operations further if required

Texan crypto miners are preparing for the arrival of winter storm Landon by powering down in advance, with the state hoping to avoid a repeat of the electricity crisis that hit last year. With demands on the state’s electricity supplies expected to rocket as Landon arrives, local crypto miners know they will be heavily scrutinized for their power use and so are making it abundantly clear that they intend to use as little as possible to free up power for homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure.

Texans Have Vivid Memories of 2021

Texans will likely have very vivid memories of the great freeze in the state last February, during which millions of residents experienced days without power as power plants shut down and generators froze, causing huge disruption to electricity supplies.

Despite many crypto mining operations calling Texas home, some experts posited that operations in the state were unlikely to have contributed to the power outages due to the low level of real world power demands. Nevertheless, operators are taking no chances and are powering down now.

Texas Crypto Miners “Taking Proactive Measures”

Texas Blockchain Council vice president Reed Clay told Cointelegraph that a letter had been sent to Texas Governor Greg Abbott informing him that they were “taking proactive measures to shut down operations, shed load and create additional capacity” should the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) demand it.

Currently there are no signs that winter storm Landon is going to be worse than last year’s event, but such action by Texan crypto miners shows that they are considering the needs of the community in their operations.