Swiss Food Manufacturer to Track Tuna with Blockchain

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There is an ongoing saga surrounding the ethical and sustainable tuna farming industry, but one firm has decided to employ the help of blockchain technology to distance itself from any illegal tuna fishing activities. Gustav Gerig – a Swiss food manufacturer – has announced that it will be using blockchain technology to track its tuna products from sustainable farms to supermarket shelves.
Each tuna product that Gustav Gerig produces will have a unique code, which consumers can then use to identify where the tuna in that specific product came from in order to verify its sustainable source.

MSC Products Getting Digitized

All products that are part of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) will be trackable on a blockchain thanks to this innovation from Gustav Gerig. The MSC is dedicated to ensuring that fish is responsibly sourced and that firms aren’t simply emptying the oceans for profit. In fact, Fishcoin is hoping to achieve a very similar goal. By placing fish on a blockchain, it’s hoping to reduce the amount of fish that is stolen, illegally caught, and wasted around the globe.

Lettuce Sparking the Movement

It was only a matter of time before a company decided to use the advantages of blockchain technology to help protect the seafood industry. Given the amount of controversy and lack of clarity when it comes to seafood, blockchain is helping to break down those barriers and restore consumer confidence. Walmart was a pioneer when it comes to supply chain blockchain designs.
Earlier this year, Walmart placed its lettuce on a blockchain, enabling the firm to track any lettuce in its stock back to the farm it came from in seconds. This innovation has created a wave of firms utilizing the advantages of blockchain technology in their supply chains.

Rice is Already On-Chain

It’s not just tuna and lettuce that’s heading over to the blockchain. Rice from the Wuchang province in China is also being added to a blockchain in order to prevent fake versions hitting the supermarket shelves. Wuchang rice is a premier rice from China and fetches a great deal more when compared to other strains of rice. This has made it a target for fraudsters, but blockchain technology is helping keep Wuchang rice pure.
Gustav Gerig is helping to clear the air in the tuna markets and show to the world that it only processes responsibly farmed tuna products. Innovations and ideas like this are driving the food industry forwards, moving it away from the past where ingredients were unknown and fish were caught irresponsibly.