Spells of Genesis Enters Metaverse Through The Sandbox

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Spells of Genesis has entered the metaverse thanks to a collaboration with The Sandbox
  • The popular blockchain game will launch a new chapter Spells of Genesis – Askian Door
  • Players will enjoy heightened levels of interactivity as well as a new NFT collection

Popular blockchain-based mobile game Spells of Genesis has entered the metaverse by partnering with Web 3.0 giant The Sandbox. The linkup will allow players to come face-to-face with their favourite Spells of Genesis characters, unlocking a new wave of interactivity between visitors and otherwise static characters, uncharted game worlds and more. The first iteration of the partnership will be Spells of Genesis – Askian Door, which will foster this heightened level of interaction as well as introducing hidden collectibles, an NFT collection and other benefits.

Metaverse Move Expands Spells of Genesis Universe

Spells of Genesis was the world’s first blockchain-based mobile game when it launched in 2017, and has attracted a loyal following since. The move into the metaverse though Askian Door will allow the social aspect of the game to take centre stage, with players able to gather at the entrance to Askian where they can interact with some of the game’s most iconic characters for the first time.

Another exciting feature of Askian Door is the ability to collect hidden Satoshi Blocks spread across the Spells of Genesis metaverse, which encourages players to explore spots of interest, all of which have strong ties to the game.

NFT Collection Returns, With New Additions

The move into The Sandbox also brings with it a new Spells of Genesis NFT collection, with buyers eligible for the chance to win an Alpha Pass to The Sandbox Alpha Season 3, a 10-week event spanning over 90 different experiences.

The passes are designed by The Sandbox and unlock rewards of up to 500 $SAND for those who accomplish quests within the Alpha Season 3. There are a total of 10,000 Alpha Passes available, with guaranteed rewards for Season 3 Alpha pass holders on top of the $SAND token giveaway. Anyone buying a Spells of Genesis NFT will be entered into the hat to win one of these sought after passes.

Spells of Genesis creator EverdreamSoft will also be giving away Alpha Season 3 passes through its official Twitter account, with more information being announced via the EverdreamSoft and Spells of Genesis accounts in the coming weeks.