MouseBelt Adds ING, AB InBev, and Rolls Royce to Alliance

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  • The MouseBelt Blockchain Education Alliance has seen the addition of three household names
  • ING Bank, AB InBev, and Rolls Royce have joined the alliance, which connects students with universities and blockchain companies
  • The addition of these companies illustrates the increase in focus on blockchain from all industry sectors

MouseBelt, the blockchain startup accelerator, has added a trio of stellar names to its roster after ING Bank, AB InBev, and Rolls Royce joined the likes of Mastercard, Binance, and Hedera Hashgraph in the company’s Blockchain Education Alliance. The addition of these household names to the MouseBelt program shows just how much the blockchain bug is of interest to all sectors of industry.

MouseBelt Sees Education Alliance Blossoming

MouseBelt launched in January 2017 as the world’s fist a blockchain accelerator, since when it has gone on to fund dozens of blockchain enterprises including Pledgecamp, Stardust and Knowledgr. Allied to their venture capitalist core offering is the Blockchain Education Alliance, a platform that aims to help connect students, universities that offer blockchain courses, and blockchain companies looking to recruit.

MouseBelt’s Blockchain Education Alliance launched in October 2019 with the 20 founding members including MasterCard, Binance, Ripple, Icon with the aim of “driving blockchain innovation by supporting education, research, and entrepreneurship at universities and beyond.” The program connects students interested in studying blockchain technology with universities across America that offer blockchain programs and blockchain companies. It provides information and resources to help boost interest in and understanding of blockchain technology and drive its adoption through the next generation of blockchain engineers.

Blockchain Talent Sought After

The addition of huge names such as Rolls Royce, ING Bank, and AB InBev to the alliance shows how the blockchain bug is spreading, with household names looking to snag the best young blockchain builders, a point echoed by Adam Leon, VP of Partnerships at MouseBelt:

It’s no surprise that enterprises are interested in supporting education. Through these programs they can source highly skilled talent, identify opportunities for innovative research, and support cutting-edge projects that will ultimately provide advanced solutions to their major internal pain points.

Blockchain technology has been mooted as a game changer in almost every industry, from farming to finance, and its potential impact in the decades to come represents a whole new career path for young people today.