Instagram “Exploring NFTs”, Hinting at Mass Adoption

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  • Instagram is “exploring” NFT integration according to CEO Adam Mosseri
  • Mosseri told an AMA that Instagram was looking at how to use NFTs within the platform
  • Contributors might be able to sell their work as NFTs and get paid through cryptocurrency

Instagram is looking at ways to implement NFT technology into its platform, although no concrete plans have been put in place. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri used a series of AMAs to answer questions on a range of topics, with the subject of NFTs cropping up. Mosseri stated that nothing was formal yet, but that the company was looking into how to integrate NFTs into Instagram in a way that benefited creators.

NFT Implementation Should “Help Creators”

Mosseri answered the question of NFT integration by saying that if Instagram did implement them, they would do so with the aim of increasing awareness and accessibility:

Nothing to announce yet, but we are definitely actively exploring NFTs and how we can make them more accessible to a wider audience. I think it’s an interesting place where we can play, and also a way to hopefully help creators.

There is evidence that Instagram is in fact further into the NFT world than Mosseri lets on, with mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi having documented on Twitter that Instagram has been working on implementing cryptocurrency wallets such as TrustWallet and MetaMask and more recently Meta’s Novi wallet. Paluzzi also uncovered evidence that the company has also been looking into “collectibles”:

Given its pre-eminence in the photographic world, giving Instagram contributors the chance to turn their work into NFTs is a sensible step, with the potential of being able to sell works to admirers a uniquely tantalising one that could see entire careers being forged, or at least new sidelines.