Nissan Files Web 3.0 Trademarks

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  • Leading car maker Nissan is venturing further into the Web 3.0 space with new trademark filings
  • The filings spread across the company’s three brands
  • The filings reveal Nissan’s to create an NFT marketplace and other virtual goods

Leading Japanese car maker Nissan has indicated plans to venture deeper into the Web 3.0 world with new trademark filings. Filed in the United States, they reveal the car maker’s intention to build an NFT marketplace, create virtual goods such as toys and offer advertising services in the metaverse. The filings spread across the company’s two other brands, Nismo and Infiniti, and come at a time when other automotive brands like Porsche and Toyota are also exploring the blockchain space.

Nissan NFT Collection on the Way

According to the trademarks, the company is also planning to explore the concept of “land and buildings authenticated by NFTs,” and offering Web 3.0-based entertainment in the form of videos, music, audio and images among others. Nissan is also thinking of working on an NFT collection and unveiling a virtual wallet.

The four new filings add to five others it had filed in 2022. The previous filings covered popular car models like GTR and Z, with the filings revolving around NFTs and cryptocurrency wallets.

The trademarks aren’t Nissan’s first entry into Web 3.0. The carmaker already runs Nissan Hype Lab, a virtual platform meant to test whether it’s possible to purchase its cars in the metaverse including conducting a test drive in the virtual world. 

Starbucks Beats Porsche

While the Web 3.0 space is open to everyone, some traditional brands like Porsche have failed to attract the Web 3.0 community’s interest in their NFT project. However, others like Starbucks have managed to appeal to the community with its NFT collection selling out in 18 minutes.

With Nissan yet to make the trademarks a reality, the uniqueness of its Web 3.0 products and community engagement are yet to be seen.